Why Do Villains Fail To Win?
Season 1, Episode 14
Winner Toast
Air date 10/29/14
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Why Do Villains Fail To Win? is the fourteenth episode of Object Mayhem.


Calculator announces that it's time for Elimination. At elimination, the prize was Mirror's corpse. They received 736 votes. Cupcake had immunity, so she was safe. Ice Cream was safe at 29 votes. So was Toast at 132 votes. The bottom 2 are Tune and Mailbox. The votes were displayed as following.

Contestant Picture Votes More than last episode
Ice Cream Icecream Portrait 29 Votes are lowered by 70 less than last episode
Toast Toast Portrait 132 1 more than last episode
Mailbox UNKNOWN PORTRAIT 206 unknown
Tune UNKNOWN PORTRAIT 369 316 more than last episode


Ice Cream is glad that Tune's gone. Calculator says that the next challenge is to eat pies. Toast ends up winning again. So Ice Cream, Mailbox & Cupcake were all up for elimination.

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