Object Mayhem

Country of origin

United Kingdom/Ireland


Reality TV/Comedy/Animation

YouTube channel


Run Time

August 1, 2012 - Present


Team Extravagant

Team Fishers

Team Lucky

Dancing Candles

Tunes Untuned

Picture Format

720p HD

1080p Full HD

Created by

Kingsley K. Esezobor

Succeeded By


Object Mayhem is an British/Irish animated competition series on YouTube originally premiered on the channel 'Kingsley2468' on August 1st, however was re-uploaded to a month later onto the channel 'UltraToons' on September 1st due to the old channel being shut down. Object Mayhem originally aired the same day as its brother show, Object Universe.

Object Mayhem is done in a similar fashion to Battle For Dream Island and Total Drama Island as they were both inspirations for the show.


There have been a total of 18 contestants on the show (Mailbox, Tune and Toast debut) who are all competing for a secret grand prize, hosted by Calculator. In episode 1, the 15 contestants are dispersed into three teams of five: Team Extravagant, Team Fishers, Team Lucky. The three teams competed in contests at the beginning of every month, with the losing team being put up for elimination. The viewers then got to decide who they wanted to be eliminated between the 1st and 7th of every month, with the contestant having the most votes being eliminated, and sent to the moon. Before each elimination there would be an 'Elimination Theme' song.


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Portrait Contestant Name Total Votes Most Votes Gotten %
Mirror Portrait Greyscale Mirror 30 30 (E2) 2.00%
Donut Portrait Donut 39 39 (E3) 2.60%
Gun Portrait Greyscale Gun


90 (E4) 6.01%
Camera Portrait Greyscale Camera 54 38 (E5) 3.60%
Phone Portrait GreyScale Phone 4 (E7) 0.27%
Lego Portrait Greyscale Lego 9 (E3) 0.60%
Sharpener Portrait Greyscale Sharpener 121 121 (E9) 8.08%
Burrito Portrait Greyscale Burrito 148 145 (E10) 9.88%
Notebook Portrait Notebook 223 156 (E11) 14.89%
Bouncy Portrait Bouncy Ball 145 91 (E11) 9.68%
Jigsaw Portrait Jigsaw 20 17 (E10) 1.36%
Button Portrait Button 319 271 (E13) 3.20%
Toast Portrait Toast 224 199 (E14) 8.34%
Cupcake Portrait Cupcake 159 80 (E11) 8.08%
Dice Portrait Dice 205 56 (E13) 7.94%
Icecream Portrait Ice Cream 194 99 (E13) 6.34%
Mailbox Portrait Mailbox 198 198 (E14) 0%
Tune Portrait Tune 122 50 (E14) 4.81%
Total 2013