Mailbox, labeled The Sacked, is a male contestant competing in Object Mayhem. He randomly joined the game in Drawn Together and is a member of the Dancing Candles. Mailbox is shown to be very sluggish and will try to always take the lazy way out of things.


Drawn Together

In Drawn Together, Mailbox appeared out of nowhere after Calculator said it was time for the next challenge. Mailbox asked if he could join the game, and Calculator agrees. He did not appear for the rest of the episode except to exclaim "There isn't anything on your page, idiot!" after Toast said that she was finished with her "masterpiece", a blank page of paper.

Cheese a Crowd

Mail Boxy

NEW Mailbox design.

In Cheese a Crowd, Mailbox first appropriately appears in this episode when Tune is complaining about flour, Mailbox smacks Tune with it. In another scene, Mailbox is seen holding a fish and is happy about not doing anything for the challenge. Button swoops in and tells Mailbox that his assignment was to cook a chicken. Mailbox then holds up a chicken and asks what it was, Button tells him it was the "thing" he held but Mailbox just throws the chicken away and denies this. Later, Mailbox is seen outside the pizzeria behind Calculator. He questions Calculator on where he was going to , with Calculator informing him that he was meant to be in the pizzeria with his team doing the challenge. Mailbox states that he got bored and then asks to "tag along" with Calculator. Calculator oddly agrees and Mailbox is surprised by this saying he never knew it was that easy for Calculator to let him "off the hook like that". By the end of the episode, Mailbox along with every other contestant is put up for elimination.

A Space Odyssey

At the start of this episode, Mailbox greets Button in a friendly tone then gives him a remote. He then makes a joke about the red button being Button's relative. Button then plays a joke on Mailbox by activating a robot version. Mailbox is angered by this and therefore throws the robot at Button. When Tune is hurt by Toast's ice creams, Mailbox states that she was an "idiot".


  • Mailbox is voiced by raocow, a popular LPer known for his "non-sequitur" content. This makes him the only Object Mayhem character to be voiced by someone outside the object community.
  • He is the only debuter who asked to join.
  • The creator of Mailbox is Retro, one of the cast members of Object Mayhem.
  • Mailbox is shown to be the laziest contestant so far.
  • Mailbox has the most mature voice out of all characters that have ever appeared in Object Mayhem.
  • if Episode 17 was released, Mailbox would have been eliminated with 607 votes[1]



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