Joshua Pose
Voiced by Adam Katz (AnimationEpic)




Wooden Table


Credit Card, Tune (formerly)


Calculator, Radio, Tune


4th in Musical Electric Chairs



Joshua is a male recommended character by AnimationEpic that appeared in Electrifying Beats. He has a lisp which makes it hard to understand him. His only lines were "Me winning probably depends on my knowledge. If I want to be part of this show then I have to do good in the competition. Then everyone will be my friend, aw perfect.", and "Calculator I really wanted to join this camp even though this camp isn't a camp!"

Recommender's Bio

"My character is named Joshua! He's a demented table that has a lisp where whenever he pronounces the "p" sound is the "ah" sound. So instead of Pizza its "Ahizza". Also he is bad at making deadlines, and whenever he promises something he lies about it, but in a nice way! Also he likes eating baguettes, it's his favorite food, and also he is pinkish redish orangish yellowish brownish in color. That's it!"


In Electrifying Beats, Joshua makes his first appearance as a recommended character competing for a spot on Object Mayhem. During the challenge he announces that in order for him to win he would have to use his knowledge and do good in the contest. Later when Joshua chooses the wrong chair and gets electrocuted, he begs Calculator to join the show but Calculator refuses and gets his inanimate radio to make Joshua leave. Joshua isn't seen again in the series after that for mysterious reasons.

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