This artical is about all the elimination prizes giving out throughout the run of Object Mayhem. So far there have been ffour different types of prizes.


Donuts not to be confused with the contestant Donut are the first prizes to be ever giving out during elimination by the host Calculator. The first appearance of the donuts were in episode two of Object Mayhem: Find it!.` In the episode three flavours of the donuts were shown as Strawberry, Chocolate and plain.


Poop is the second ever prize to be giving out during elimination. It's first appearance was in episode three Robot Frenzy. All the contestants up for elimination hated it which makes it the most hated elimination prize Calculator has giving out EVER!


Snails are the third ever prizes to be giving out during elimination. They are described as normal by Calculator when Dice asks. These prizes weree giving out in episode four To be or not to be.


These bricks made their first appearance in episode four of Object Mayhem - although in a much bigger form. In episode four it crushed Team Extravagant. 

In episode five of Object Mayhem they made a second appearance but in much smaller form as the elimination prize. Dice was the first contestant to ever get hit by a brick during elimination.