New dice body
Gender Male
Species 6-Sided Die
Status Alive
Team Lucky, Tunes Untuned
Episode Eliminated TBA
Rank TBA
Friends Mirror, Sharpener, Ice Cream, Cupcake, Tune, Bouncy Ball
Rivals Gun, Camera (possibly), Burrito, Lego
Color White and Dark Grey
Debut Unusual But Good
Voiced By Kingsley E. - UltraToons
Dice (aka Die), labeled The Six Sided, is a male contestant competing on Object Mayhem. he is a member of Team Lucky (Team Gun when Gun was still in the game) and Tunes Untuned.


Dice is one of the smartest and intelligent characters on the show. She is the only one that actually ever leads her team to victory even though her team fails a majority of the time. She is showing to be also very brave by standing up to Gun in his wrong doings.


In Unusual But Good, Dice first appears when Team picking and Gun is asked to be on his team. When it was time for choosing team names, Gun suggests the team be called team Gun although Dice disagrees with this as it is really unfair. When calculator announces the challenge as block stacking Gun wants to do it by himself but again Dice disagrees with this.

In To be or not to be, Dice asked why is Gun being nice to everyone, Camera tells Gun that he does not really like Gun being nice all the time, Gun then flips out and Camera then finds out he was faking, saying that he doesn't want the viewers to vote him out and told him that it's too late for that.


Team Gun/Lucky
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