Chickens Can't Fly
Season 1, Episode 8




Dancing Candles


None of the contestants are eliminated


Electrifying Beats


Hit and Miss

Chickens Can't Fly is the 8th episode of Object Mayhem. It was released on March 19th, 2013.

On The Moon

Phone is first seen landing on the moon due to the fact he was eliminated (along with Lego) in the previous episode. He started off by yelling and saying that he couldn't believe he was eliminated and how hearttrending it was. Lego is then shown. He is also upset about being eliminated much to Phone's surprise. Phone then asks Lego what he was doing on the moon but Lego doesn't want to talk about it. Gun then welcomes Lego and Phone to the moon and appears to be also wearing a wizard hat. Lego bursts out and starts laughing at him saying he looked funny. Gun the tries to explain why he has the hat but Lego doesn't care. Gun frowns and is angred by this.

New Teams

Calculator firstly congratulates Toast and Tune for joining Object Mayhem - next thing we know Toast dashes into the scene and introduces herself while talking about random things. She becomes so excited then explodes. Calculator akwardly recovers from the explosion and gets up and announces that the remaining contestants were the final eleven which meant to him that they had to make two new team. Team Fishers, Extravagant and Lucky/Gun were then deleted. Calculator announces that Toast and Tune would be the new team captains. Tune is first to choose and he choses Cupcake calling her "Super cute". When it is Toast's turn to choose she mistakes Burrito for a taco. Burrito is enraged and says that he isn't a taco. Toast then asks if he is tortilla, Burrito gets even more angry and shouts that he's a Burrito. Toast completely ignores this and asks if Burrito is a donkey. Burrito is then seen getting angry and his eyes redding to indicate this. Calculator decides that he had enough and decides to choose the rest of the team members himself.


  • This is the first episode that introduced new teams.
  • This is the third episode that Bouncy Ball mentiones the unlucky number 4.
  • In the 4th question when Bouncy Ball got it correct The Tunes Untuned score was 60 instead of 50.
  • Question N had to do with OM Episode N:
  1. What was the lowest amount of blocks stacked in Episode 1?
  2. What were Cupcake and Lego watching in Episode 2?
  3. What is the elimination song? (It was first heard in Episode 3)
  4. What was Sharpener's idea for the challenge in Episode 4?
  5. What was Ice Cream's first word in Episode 5?
  6. 6 is skipped because it's a continuation of 5. Let's just say that it's Toast's demand for coffee.
  7. Who was the first RC to get out of the challenge in Episode 7?


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