Biscuit is a female judge on Object Mayhem. She has appeared in the episodes To be or not to be and Cheese a Crowd. Biscuit was recommended and voiced by BFDIDubita23.

She's currently a contestant in Object Mayhem II.


In season 1, Biscuit was rude, stubborn, and impatient. If she didn't get her way she would get angry and demanding.

In season 2, She is a lot more shy and less brat like. She is no longer her mean spiteful self, and is now a shy and confused character.

Character Summary

To be or not to be

Biscuit gives Team Extravagant a score of 3/10 because she assumed it was too confusing for her. When Team Fishers finish their performance, Biscuit calls it ridiculous but admits that she enjoyed the music, giving it a final score of 6/10. When it is Team Lucky's turn for a final performance, she again call this performance ridiculous and gives it a 0/10.

Cheese a Crowd

In Cheese a Crowd, Biscuit was a judge for the pizza contest. She orders her food second, asking for caviar pizza. When she is told that there was no caviar, she begins to get angered by this. After when she is told that there is no crepes she threatens to go somewhere else.


  • Biscuit's voice is higher in Cheese a Crowd.
  • According to Cheese a Crowd, Biscuit has low patience.


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